Workforce Development

We’re with you. We’re with you throughout your workforce development process … from start to success. We’re here to answer that question and any others that come up. Our Workforce Development Navigators will guide you whether you’re unemployed and looking for work, or if you already have a job but want a better one.

Much more than jobs, and more like a lifetime friendship. 

This is your Urban League. The Greater Stark County Urban League has been part of the community for more than 100 years. Our Navigators come from the community and work in the community. We speak your language and never speak down to you. That’s because we’re here to elevate your life, to build you up like the friends that we are.

Our Workforce Development Process

We connect businesses and individuals, providing readiness training and wraparound services to those we serve to effectively and efficiently fill the more than 7,000 available jobs in Stark County.

Recruitment Workforce Development at the Greater Stark County Urban League

ENGAGE© (recruitment)

  • Who?
    • Unemployed or underemployed residents of Stark County 
    • Those who can benefit from workforce development training 
    • Local resources help overcome barriers to employment
  • How? 
    • Navigators connect with people like you at community events 
    • Those who need help call 330.754.1576 
    • Or fill out a contact form below
    • The ultimate goal is livable wage jobs
Intake Assessment Workforce Development at the Greater Stark County Urban League

EVALUATE© (intake assessment)

  • How? 
    • We schedule an in-person intake session here at Greater Stark County Urban League >
    • Your Employment Navigator helps identify your work history (and your technical, job-specific skills that are learned on the job); soft skills (personal attributes, personality traits and communication abilities needed for job success such as leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, work ethic, flexibility and interpersonal style); and employment and educational goals (where you want to go from here and why) 
    • Together, we create a plan to provide job readiness training and match resources you need to overcome any barrier to maintaining employment
  • Why? 
    • To understand what kind of job you are seeking to gain employment, upgrade to a better job or a better job for college grads who don’t know how to navigate the current job market 
    • To diagnose the situation in order to prioritize services needed to get you ready for employment and customize services to meet your particular needs 
    • To address mental barriers or myths 
      • many people don’t appreciate what they’re worth (that they can earn more or move a level up to get better pay) 
      • that the current economy has dramatically improved opportunities for job seekers which are available now
Job Readiness Workforce Development at the Greater Stark County Urban League

EQUIP© (job readiness)

  • What? 
    • Employment Navigators help with job readiness needs from creating a resume and practice for job interviews, to tips for workplace conflict resolution and improvement with soft skills 
    • Will connect you with needed local resources to make you job-ready
  • How? 
    • Solving real problems to remove common obstacles to employment such as an urgent need for food; housing issues, whether facing eviction, homelessness or not passing housing inspection; the huge expense (15-20% of a household’s annual income) for childcare; additional training or education needed to get the job you want; interviewing and looking as professional as possible; lacking technology such as computer, cell phone and email address (in fact, we have a computer lab which includes Internet access and printers); transportation difficulties, which we help with a SARTA pass or alternative resource, transportation training and minor repair facilitation; and legal matters that might impact the ability to get a job, such as outstanding motor vehicle fines in other states.
Employee Placement Workforce Development at the Greater Stark County Urban League

ELEVATE© (employment and/or educational placement) 

  • A continuing relationship that goes far beyond an initial job placement to find future opportunities for both education and employment 
  • Like an elevator, we want to help raise you to new level after new level, so we stay with you for long-term career planning and economic improvements 

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