The State of Black America

On Behalf of the Black Coalition Against COVID

The National Urban League has commissioned this two-year assessment because we believe it is essential to examine the consequences of the pandemic for Black America.

Acting individually and collectively over the past two years, these deeply committed organizations mounted numerous educational forums and town halls; conducted vaccine clinical trials enrollment and administration programs; sponsored COVID-19 testing centers; disseminated masks and other personal protective equipment; and led advocacy efforts for the federal and local government financial and programmatic support necessary to protect the lives of the Black community.

As of this report’s release, we understand that there remains unfinished work yet to do to save and protect our communities from the COVID-19 pandemic. We commissioned this two-year report because we believe it is important to examine the consequences of the pandemic for Black America. However, because we have a profound respect for Black life and survival, and indeed for all life, we understand that even after the pandemic resolves, the disparities in health status experienced by the Black community prior to the pandemic must be urgently addressed. In fact, as this report documents, those disparities have actually worsened over the past two years. All of the organizations that have come together under this coalition are committed to working tirelessly until this pandemic ends as well as vigorously addressing the preexisting health challenges that have plagued our community for far too long. On behalf of the sponsors of the report, I take this opportunity to thank Dr. Tonyka McKinney from the Satcher Health Leadership Institute and Drs. Carol Oladele and Destiny Tolliver from Yale School of Medicine for their tireless efforts to bring the report to fruition.

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