Statement from the Greater Stark County Urban League on the Tragic Death of Mr. Frank Tyson:

It is with profound sorrow and sense of urgency that we address the tragic death of Mr. Frank Tyson while in the custody of authorities.  We extend our deepest condolences to Mr. Tyson's family and loved ones during this unimaginable difficult time.

Mr. Tyson's death is not just a loss to his family, but it is a stark reminder of the urgent need for accountability and reform within our law enforcement systems. It is deeply troubling that Mr. Tyson, under the authority and custody of those meant to protect and serve, was allowed to perish, despite his pleas for assistance.

Every officer who heard Mr. Tyson's cries for help and failed to act bears responsibility for this tragedy. We cannot turn a blind eye to such blatant disregard for human life. If we do not hold individuals accountable and enact measures to prevent such incidents from occurring again, then we are complicit in perpetuating this cycle of injustice.

This is why the Urban League Movement has established the 21 pillars for redefining public safety and restoring community trust. Our second pillar emphasizes the urgent need to implement a community policing model, prioritize prevention and problem-solving, and develop community-driven solutions.

It is crystal clear: the first response by police officers should always be to de-escalate, not to agitate or discriminate. Had proper de-escalation techniques been employed, Mr. Tyson would likely still be alive today. Police misconduct not only results in the loss of precious lives but also imposes significant financial burdens on taxpayers through costly settlements that fail to bring about meaningful reform.

We demand policies that hold law enforcement officers accountable and safeguard the public from abuse. Training for our police officers must come from independent experts, ensuring an unbiased and unwavering commitment to meaningful change within our departments.

Furthermore, in light of Mr. Tyson's family and attorneys stressing his innocence, the Urban League calls for a reinvestigation of his case to uncover the truth. Justice demands nothing less, and our community deserves nothing less.

In this time of mourning and reflection, let us commit ourselves to seeking justice, accountability, and lasting reform. Together, we can and must build a safer, more just society for all.

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