Reclaim Your Vote

The National Urban League’s Reclaim Your Vote campaign is a national effort to promote voter registration, voter education, and voter activation with the power of the Urban League Affiliate and Volunteer movement and our strategic partners.

We prioritize civic engagement and protecting voting rights because the people we elect matter. Our vote is our voice; it decides our future and shapes the world around us. In order to Defend Democracy, Demand Diversity, and Defeat poverty- we must vote.

The work is led by our Equitable Justice & Strategic Initiatives (EJSI) division which works to increase voter engagement and registration through grassroots initiatives and partners with our Washington Bureau and advocacy partners to protect the right to vote for all Americans regardless of their racial, gender, ethnic, or socioeconomic background.

Each year, we engage millions of voters across the country to increase voter turnout and empower our communities to make their voices heard to drive change where they live and across America.

Voting Guidelines & Voter Registration Deadlines State-by-State

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