COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has changed how we live our lives every day. But we're at a turning point, and there are steps you can take to help all of us get back on track. Opening our kids’ schools, rebuilding our businesses, and reviving our communities safely will take wearing masks, social distancing, and getting vaccinated, and it's going to take all of us. 

Get the facts and get All In. 




This is about making a choice that's bigger than us. It's about keeping our families safe as we enter the holidays and opening the doors to our businesses so that money can start flowing back into our communities again as we end this pandemic. 

Commit to keeping yourself, your family, and your community safe by:

  • Doing your research, learning your options, and getting vaccinated
  • Wearing a mask around others
  • Getting tested if feeling sick or returning from densely populated spaces and events.

We also encourage you to consider getting a flu vaccine as we enter the holiday season to keep you and your family safe. Take the pledge today!





"It came out too fast." 
"You don't know what's in that." 
"They tryna control us." 
"I heard it causes infertility." 
"I don't need it. I won't get sick." 
"Even if you get the vaccine, you'll still get COVID." 

All of these statements have one thing in common, and it isn't the truth. Many rumors and myths about the COVID vaccines floating around on social media were created by the same people who spread misinformation about our election and movements like Black Lives Matter. 

Please don't fall for it. Get the facts and get the vaxx.


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